Choosing the right window covering options in Aurora, CO, can seem overwhelming. With so many different types, it can take time to settle on one that is best for your home and style.

However, with help from our expert designers at Sterling Shades and Shutters, we have created some helpful tips and checkpoints for you to follow when trying to find your perfect window covering.

We’ll focus mainly on the most common options: shades, shutters, and blinds. We’ll also touch on drapes and curtains and then provide tips for choosing the best window treatment options.

Window Blinds

someone opening corded blinds

Window blinds blend style with function. There are many types, including wood, faux wood, faux-wood plastic, and vinyl. Some blinds come in standard sizes, but most can be cut to fit any sized window.

Wood, faux wood and vertical blinds are the most popular types.

Window Shades

cellular shades

Window shades are a great option to adjust the light coming into your windows or add privacy. Typically, shades are made of fabric and look like a curtain, but they are not.

This is an excellent option if you don’t have much privacy in your neighborhood and want to cover your windows. Some common types are roller shades and roman shades.

Window Shutters

Blue louvered shutters

Based on the plantation shutters that are the most popular type, shutters are a classic window treatment option. They are typically made of wood, are available in various shapes and sizes, and provide a lot of styles.


someone operarting drapes

Drapes are a great way to give your windows privacy and can be used for style or additional light control. A typical window treatment, drapes are typically made of cotton or linen and can be purchased in various styles, including traditional, contemporary, and custom.


Curtains are made of cotton or linen and come in various colors and patterns. Curtains are great for adding luxury touches to your windows.

Picking the Right Window Covering Options in Aurora CO

1- Choosing the right window covering the category

Like most things in life, one size does not fit all. As discussed above, when looking for a suitable window covering for your home, it is essential to know the differences between different categories, including shades, shutters, and blinds.

2- Choosing the right window covering material


When choosing what type of window treatment material to use in your home, it is essential to consider factors such as cost, ease of cleaning, and durability.

With some help from our experts at Sterling Shades and Shutters, we have created a manageable list that will guide you in choosing the best type for your needs based on the material.

  • Wood: This has a classic look and gives a natural feel. It is one of the best options available if you want a more relaxed and modern feel in your home and increased durability.
  • Faux wood: These look like wood without the high cost or upkeep. They are also effortless to maintain and clean and have a similar style to natural wood.
  • Metal: Metals are incredibly durable and easy to clean while still providing an excellent look in any room of your house.
  • Upholstered- Vinyl (Fabric), Corduroy (Fabric), Microfiber(Fabric). Typical with shades, these materials provide a variety of choices depending on what style or look you are going for in your home interior.

3- Deciding on the level of light control you want

window shade on dining room window

There are different levels of light control available for you to choose from when it comes to window coverings.

Various window coverings offer different levels of regulation, from complete darkness, light control with a little bit of light, and completely uncovered windows to wholly covered with curtains or shades.

Different light control options are also available in various price ranges. Shutters and blinds give better flexibility in covering windows than shades and curtains.

If you want something that will provide excellent light control while also providing a high level of durability and style, then shutters or blinds may be just what you have been looking need.

On the other hand, shades and curtains offer less flexibility in terms of light control than other options.

Most of the time, they are either fully open or fully closed. They are suitable for maintaining privacy or adding atmosphere to your rooms without completely covering up the windows.

If you are looking for something that looks nice without having to worry about cleaning it all the time, these two types of window treatments may be a good choice for your needs.

3- Choosing the right window treatment color

Colors are one of the most important factors when choosing your window treatment option. Color is not only about having a beautiful interior décor, but it can also significantly improve the functionality of your windows themselves.

Window treatments in good shape will help prevent damage to your windows and make them look nicer than those that have been damaged or need repair.

roman shades

3 Tips to Help You Choose Your Covering Options

Color schemes can be tricky to master, but some tips can help make it easier. Here are three tips to help you choose the ideal color scheme for your home.

Play off the Colors in your Room

One way to choose a color scheme is by taking the colors in your room and then determining how they will blend. The most important thing when choosing a color scheme for your room is to make sure that it works with the overall design of your home.

If you have a lot of red pieces in your home but are looking for something different, then using red as an accent for another color might help that pop and make it stand out more.

And then, of course, you will also want to make sure to match the color of your choice with the one that works best for your window covering.

In some cases, you might get away with just blocking out the sun and not worrying about the color of your, but for the most part, you want to be sure that it matches.

Try Something New

Trying something completely new might pique your interest if you are looking for inspiration. You can incorporate an entirely new color into your project or a completely different material for a unique look.

When deciding on a material, you want to ensure that it will last because sometimes the cost of the material can be higher.

Make it Customized

You can also choose your color scheme by making your custom creation. This is an excellent option if you want to work with what already exists in your home décor.

One way to do this is by taking inspiration from nature. For example, if you have wood floors in your home, you can choose a color that looks like natural wood.

You can also make your color scheme more modern or futuristic by choosing different metallic shades or even going with a colored shade.

Lastly, if you need inspiration, you can choose neutral tones and add one bold color like red or yellow to accent it.

Knowing what you need in a window treatment option is the beginning step to finding that perfect option for your home.

It can be a complex process, but it will also help you live comfortably and with style in your home.

Finding the Best Window Coverings in Aurora, Colorado

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While it’s easy to walk into a shade, blind and shutter store and pick any window treatment option, you have zero guarantee you will get a perfect option.

But relying on a professional can help as they can offer expert insight and quality service for your entire house.

From wood blinds and shades to our premium line of cellular shades and shutters, Sterling Shades and Shutters, has the perfect window covering for you at a reasonable price.

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We offer several window treatments, including fully assembled and customized blinds, custom-sized and shaped blinds, and bamboo verticals.

Also, with our personalized service, we don’t sell just plantation shutters, but we customize them to blend with your entire home.

Our professional window covering installers can provide free color, fabric samples, and design consultation to create the perfect shade for your home’s or office’s windows.

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